How deep should I mulch my gardens?

It is recommended to mulch at 100mm.

What is the best dirt to grow vegies?

Supermix is our recommended product, a blend of Premium Loam, Sand, Bagasse, Mill Mud, Cow Manure and Compost.

How much does a cubic meter of sand/soil weigh?

This is a difficult one as sand and soil retain water therefore the moisture content of the product will weigh it down heavier. Approx 1.3 tonne dry, wet product is obviously a lot heavier.

What areas do you deliver to?

All Townsville suburbs, North to Ingham, West to Charters Towers and beyond if needed. We have also delivered to Cloncurry. South to Ayr.

How heavy is a cubic metre of gravel?

Approximately 1.5 tonne.